18 februari 2011

Before & After


For a more romantic, soft look... :)
1. Cut it in the rule of thirds.
2. Used Lightroom to grain and made a split toning (highlights=yellow and shadows=blue)
3. Opened in Photoshop - made a new layer, filled it with white - opacity to 20%
4. Made a pink layer - opacity to 15%.
5. Made a adjustment layer - curves - changed the blending mode to Overlay - opacity to 25%
6. Used a bluegreen texture - changed the blending mode to Hard Light - opacity 80%

5 kommentarer:

  1. I love your edit - the tones are just lovely.

  2. Nicely done. You have a wonderful sooc and made a beautiful edit. :D

  3. i do like your edit - but love it SOOC!

  4. To respond to your comment to me (I don't have your email so I couldn't send it to you and it's very important): on flickr, you can tell who adds your photo to a collection or who views it as a "favorite"; it tells you right on the main page. You can also find out by going to your profile page and clicking on "popular". It's not as recent, but it does tell you info if anyone takes a "special interest" in the photo. It's good to know.

  5. Kul att du delar med dej av hur du gjorde den här redigeringen. :-) Jag har bara Elements, och i det finns tyvärr inte curves på samma vis som i riktiga Photoshop. Men kanske det går att göra på något annat vis så man åtminstone nästan får samma resultat. Ska testa nångång! :-)

    Ha en fin dag!!


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